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Specialist Mail, Exchange, Web and Systems Hosting has a distributed network of NOCs on three continents across 6 territories to meet the demanding requirements of our clients’ hosted mail, web and SaaS services.

As these resources are completely controlled by us, with on-site 24/7 datacentre support, these synch-owned server environments give you the resources to effectively host and manage your business solution or requirement.

Web hosting – Apache2, nGINX, IIS on Linux, Windows

We provide Windows 2019 and Linux-based hosting platforms, with dedicated or shared server options available. Our Linux infrastructure is distributed, runs on SSD drives and runs on multiple hexacore processors. Our Windows servers can be tweaked to your requirements to handle any framework requirement. Speed and data distribution are achieved by use of CDN, DNS roundrobin and geo-specific Anycast IP addressing.

Database hosting

On the traditional SQL front, Full MySQL, Postgres and MS SQL 2017 hosting solutions are part of our offering. Our NoSQL database offering is made up of MongoDB and CouchDB. We offer SSD-based hardware with large-RAM options.

Mail hosting – Office365, Hosted Exchange 2019, POP3 and IMAP

Mail hosting and management is available in multiple configurations, providing POP3(s), IMAP(s), Office365 and hosted Exchange 2019 mail solutions, including enterprise-wide secure mail archiving. Mailboxes can be up to 100GB in size. also offers dedicated high-speed SMTP servers with SSL/TLS encryption where such solutions are applicable.

Mail can be synchronized via ActiveSync and Blackberry Enterprise Services to Blackberry and Android or Microsoft phones, iPads and iPhones smoothly and efficiently. Standard Hosted Exchange 2019 mailboxes are 25GB each.

Compliance options for mail archiving and mail storage are available on a per-mailbox basis, on Microsoft Exchange 2019 and basic mail accounts (POP3 and IMAP) are also available. This is to comply with South African and international requirements for mail traceability, storage and document preservation as per the South African ECT act, and in line with Protection of Personal Information Act requirements in South Africa, and Europe, depending on the territory of operations.

Cloud Hosting

Beyond this offering, two cloud-layers are available in the suite of products, in addition to a private cloud offering, that allows extensibility, security, backup and cross-network delivery systems to increase access to and speed of content delivery.

Anti-Virus provides ESET server, desktop and mobile anti-virus solutions to your business. From Anti-Virus to Smart Security Solutions, we can set up and manage your ESET environment via Remote Administration or ESET Security Mangaement center servers onsite or in a hosted environment for your mobile workforce. Contact us at Managed Anti-Virus solutions using ESET for further information.