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The Cape Town based IT Consultancy

IT consulting and IT support based in Cape Town, by was founded in Cape Town in 1999, and is registered in South Africa. is a Cape Town based ICT consultancy, IT consulting, IT support and technology company.

Our main focus is on facilitating secure network communications. We implement suitable and customised systems, secure network architectures and targeted software.

We develop hardware and software systems architecture, deploy hardware and software infrastructures and frameworks, and then maintain and manage these projects onsite via outsourcing, or via our support team.

We underpin these systems with proactive monitoring, onsite and remotely, for all key systems.

Effective systems and secure network communications solutions

Our mission is to develop highly effective and secure tools and solutions through migration and integration. We give our clients the power to communicate ideas and improve business processes through personalised service, and stable and secure distributed hardware infrastructures. consults, develops and deploys systems and databased network solutions on both conventional proprietary and Free or Open Source Software platforms (such as GNU/Linux) using a range of integrated technologies. We look at how open source software solutions can benefit the organisation. We provide forensic system and network security audits and consultation.

We host user data on our secure server infrastructure across five continents, from email on traditional or encrypted POP/IMAP, Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. We offer IT consulting on web hosting and web development and deployment of backend systems via IIS, Apache, nginx, custom servers, node.js and python. Our database hosting support extends from traditional SQL databases including Postgres, MySQL and MariaDB to noSQL environments like CouchDB and MongoDB. is a Microsoft CSP.

Service Levels and Maintenance Agreements

At, we offer both service level (SLAs) and maintenance agreements, on-site and remote systems support and a secure network foundation for your data requirements. We provide on-site resources, backed by a full stack of multi-tier support via our outsourcing support solutions to remote and/or remote hands support, where we replace or augment your IT support and IT consulting environment, all the way to IT management level. We consult and provide insight into current and new technologies, developing technologies and IT and ICT legislation and their impact on your organisation. Where necessary, we point you to our specialist partners in the fields of IT and HR, IT and the Law, and IT and Finance. – secure network communications. synchronize with today!

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