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IT Security Audits, Penetration Testing and Code Review

At, we take security seriously.

As seasoned professionals, we can assist your development teams and internal operations and devops teams by assessing current security practices, code stability and patterns as well as penetration tests from a white, grey or black box perspective.

Our code assessments focus on Python, Ruby, PHP, C, C++ and Go, while our penetration tests and assessments are platform and system agnostic. Assessments include everything from the orchestration and deployment to maintenance, release and roll-back.

As part of the penetration tests, we can offer a full attack scenario, including but not limited to targeted ethical phishing and social engineering engagement. You set the parameters – and the level of paranoia to test against.

We proceed only under specific written instruction, within the parameters set at the onset of the engagement.

We test against a virtual replication of your system or – depending on you – against your live systems environment. At no stage is any compromise against your systems, security setup or environment actioned unless you specifically ask for this to be done. Otherwise, we show by Proof of Concept the exploit or security weakness, on your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba, OVH, Rackspace or self-hosted environments, and illustrate the potential ways of abusing the systems using the weakness as part of an attack chain.

Contact us for peace of mind regarding of your internal staff-facing systems, client facing systems and backend environments,