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Data, server and full machine imaging backup into the cloud is proud to announce even more encrypted, cloud-based service solutions to its product offering, with which you can back up either Windows and Linux based desktops and servers, compressed and encrypted at reset and in transit. This expands the server-based hosting offerings that already provides out of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa.

Access to backed-up files is provided via our international hosting partners’ Content Delivery Network (CDNs) – files of any size or nature are available at local speed anywhere in the world. Servers and workstations – as well as virtual machines – can be backed up as full machine snapshot, or by file and directory. Compressed and encrypted differential and full file backups also provide versioning and roll-back.

On the client, data is encrypted using AES256 encryption, and data is transferred end-to-end via SSL/TLS. At rest, on redundant servers, AES256 encryption is used, on both the files and filenames.

Storage targets are compliant with transnational data transfer requirements.

Through our BackupCenter, and using our entry-points of, and, we can provide a full suite of services under the umbrella of our suite. This allows for local and virtual restoration – into a VM instance, an AWS instance or back to disk. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are thereby assured.