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Full Service Remote Desktop & Server Support provides full remote-desktop support through the firewall onto your desktop or server, wherever you are, ad-hoc or as part of your service-level agreement for secure systems and network support!

The software includes full encryption, as an implemntation of RSA private-/public key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding.

The key exchange also guarantees a full client-to-client data protection. This means that even the upstream routing servers will not be able to read the data stream.

Be it that you have a LAN installation or are browsing in the field on 3G / HSDPA or dial-up, QuickSupport chooses the best display quality and speed depending on your network connection and access parameters.

Using’s QuickSupport you do not have to worry about firewalls: QuickSupport will find a route to your machine. The major difficulties that are typically encountered in using remote control software are blocked ports and firewall restrictions. Also, NAT routing for local IP addresses typically causes issues.

On start-up of the QuickSupport application, a key and password are generated – per session and per user. This prevents unauthorized and unexpected access to the your systems, giving you control over access and adding an additional layer of protection.

When specific functions are encountered, like file transfer require additional, your manual confirmation is required by default to give you further peace of mind and protection.

We are not able to invisibly control a computer — that, for all intents and purposes, borders on spyware or bot-managing your machine. For data protection reasons you are and have to be able to detect when someone is accessing your machine.

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